Underwater Photoshoot at UWM

Posted on: 12.20.09

My photographer buddy Alvin is from the Philippines so he’s half merman and loves the water. So him living in the wonderful wisconsin he doesn’t have the warm weather and clear water like he is used to.

Now he has me convinced to help do some underwater fashion photography even though i’m not the most talented swimmer. By that i mean i can’t swim, just sink to the bottom gracefully. Also being in Wisconsin it’s very hard to find an indoor pool to let us do what we want to do for cheaply. But for this shoot we were able to shoot in the UWM pool for a few hours.

The gear we used was Alvins E-1 with the Ikelite #6851 housing and some UW strobes. They crappy thing was the playback was not working on the camera for some weird reason so we really couldn’t check the photo to see if we got the right exposure. For what we had we did a decent job but there is still always room for improvement. Practice makes perfect.

View more of my underwater photos on my flickr
View Alvin’s underwater photos on his flickr

The models were Brittney Dactylic and Allison Shelby, both were great underwater.

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  1. A comment from: Christine W

    WOW!! This turned out super cool. The fourth one is by far the best. Her face is so composed and relaxed. My second favorite is the last one because of the bubbles. ^_^

  2. A comment from: Dave Gruentzel

    Thank you very much Christine!

  3. A comment from: Wendy

    Great shots, Dave. I always wanted to give this a whirl, but couldn’t justify the cost of the underwater housing for the limited use. I always wanted to try a shoot like the RCBT triathlon photoshoot in a pool (check it out on YouTube). If you would like to do this, I’d be up for the adventure. Shoot me a note. W

  4. A comment from: Dave Gruentzel

    I saw that video before. I’m always up for any kind of photoshoot!

  5. A comment from: Jonathan Pauli

    Hey this is really kind of inspiring. I’ve been a long time admirer of the work of Howard Schatz. I don’t have under water strobes, but its nice to know there is a milwaukee strobist interested in the concept. Maybe we could rent a really big fish tank. I just found the Mke Strobist group on Flickr, and you seem pretty active, so maybe we’ll meet soon. Maybe the Feb. Meeting could involve scuba :P

  6. A comment from: Dave Gruentzel

    Thanks for the comment Jon! Yeah, there are not a lot of people in Wisconsin who are doing underwater photography :P Haha, we’d need a BIG fish tank or some small models. If you know of any indoor pools that would be open to this kind of thing feel free to let me know, I’m always looking. And I hope to see you at one of the Milwaukee strobist meetings!

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